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Winter Weight Blues

The question is: how to delicately approach such a sensitive subject? You know what I mean. It seemed like an especially long and dreary winter this year. What better way to keep cozy and entertained than snuggling up with your favourite treats, your favourite taboo foods and inevitably, your favourite pair of “fat pants”. We all have them. The ones you purposely bought too big, probably years old and maybe even stained with fake cheese powder or chocolate of some sort.

The question is: how to convince your body to shed the extra insulation in lieu of your favourite summer clothes. You know what I mean. The dress that fits a little snug around the waist, the tank top that rises a little farther and gasp, the bathing suit you will inevitably and begrudgingly, try on again.

The answer is: simple.  Spring is a time of renewal. We clear out our old junk, change our wardrobe and start perusing patios for the best sun exposure. We make plans to lose weight and may even start on a program, although most of us start slacking as soon as those patios open. I propose a new plan. I propose a spring clean of the mind and body. Spring brings new life to old terrain. Why not do the same for your terrain; your body?

Spring is always a great time to detox and offers a great jumpstart to your new diet and exercise plan. Restrict your intake to healthy foods only, increase elimination of toxic wastes and get moving. Naturopathic medicine can help you achieve those goals. An ND can recommend a program tailored to you for detox, for diet, for exercise. An ND can offer the support and encouragement you need for healthy weight loss, for improving fitness and to sustain optimal organ function. If you’ve had troubles with weight loss in the past, an ND can help you examine previous obstacles and come up with solutions. Some people find that no matter what they do, they can’t lose weight. These people may have a discrepancy with the foods they eat and their inborn metabolism. At Forces of Nature, our ND’s can take you further by offering a specialized program based on your individual metabolism discovered through a comprehensive panel of blood tests. These tests can help identify certain foods you may not metabolize as well as others. Additionally, these tests provide a range of information about your state of balance; tests usually reserved until disease is established. In this way, they provide an excellent tool for identifying problem areas and allow for Naturopathic Medicine to work towards prevention of disease and maintenance of health.  To learn more about these tests, ask us about the Healthy and Active Metabolism Program.

In any case, the hope of warm weather is in the air.
The question is: are you ready for it?

Contact Dr Shawna Clark,BA(Hons) ND at  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Clark or for questions about hours, fees or availability please contact Maria at 416.481.0222 or

Spring Cleaning: What Does Detoxification Mean?

Detoxification is a 2 phase process that occurs in the liver. It is complex & requires a number of nutrients to function properly. Depletion of any of these nutrients means the process gets stuck and toxins do not get broken down for excretion, meaning they will then accumulate in your system, potentially causing illness.

Once the toxins have been broken down and packaged for excretion, they are flushed out of the liver by a fluid that the liver makes called bile. Bile is then stored in the gallbladder and dumped into the small intestine after a meal.

In a healthy digestive tract these toxins will then move through and be excreted.  In an unhealthy digestive tract where there is constipation or overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria, yeast or parasites, toxins are more likely to be reabsorbed. Annual removal of unwanted organisms, restoration of beneficial bacteria and supplementing the resources that the liver needs to detoxify is excellent health maintenance and helps prevent bowel diseases and cancer.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and bok choy contain a number of nutrients that are necessary for proper liver detoxification which is why they are considered to be amongst the healthiest of vegetables.

Our naturopathic doctors can advise on the best means of gut restoration and liver detoxification for you.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pamela Frank or Dr. Shawna Clark or for questions about hours, fees or availability please contact Maria at 416.481.0222 or

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