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Water, Water Everywhere

by Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc, ND

I often get asked what type of water is the best to drink. I think ANY kind of water beats getting dehydrated so if the only water available is tap water – drink it. Distilled water gets promoted for health properties, but in my opinion it’s dead water. While the distillation process removes impurities, there’s no mineral content to it. If we were living more naturally, we would be drinking from rivers and streams that naturally contain trace amounts of minerals. There is some concern that drinking de-mineralized water may cause the body to pull minerals from the tissues (like bone) to balance out the lack of minerals in the water. Studies haven’t shown this to occur to any appreciable extent, but perhaps even to a minute extent over extended periods of time, this may be problematic. My opinion is that spring water from a good quality source is the best choice and preferably packaged in glass bottles to avoid the pthalates from the plastic bottles.