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Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone

Both men and women need a certain amount of testosterone to be healthy.


  • is essential for normal sperm development
  • regulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis under stress
  • regulates cognitive function
  • maintains muscle mass
  • regulates platelet clumping
  • influences libido
  • plays a role in behaviour such as risk-taking
  • helps build and maintain bone density

Weight loss, vitamin D, zinc, REM sleep and resistance training can all improve testosterone levels.  Spearmint tea, licorice root, aging and hypoglycemia have all been demonstrated to reduce testosterone levels.

Many of the women that I see suffer from low testosterone levels which leads to infertility, low energy, drive and motivation, low libido, anxiety and depression.

Do I Recommend Testosterone Replacement Therapy or Steroid Use?

In most instances, no.  Optimizing your body’s own production of testosterone is a much safer and healthier route to increasing testosterone in the long run. There are many natural means for both men and women to achieve healthy testosterone levels.

Potential Adverse Effects of Testosterone Replacement

  • exacerbation of existing prostate cancer
  • cardiovascular events including heart attack and stroke
  • acne
  • oily skin
  • hair loss
  • infertility

See one of our naturopathic doctors for the healthiest way to regulate your testosterone level.

Tips to Balance Your Hormones


  1. Keep your insulin level low.  Insulin is the biggest hormone disruptor there is, cut way back on the sugar and carbs.
  2. Reduce your stress.  Stress provokes insulin release just like doughnuts do, keep it low.
  3. Exercise every day.  Exercise helps all around because it reduces insulin, reduces stress and keeps blood sugar healthier.
  4. Get lots of B vitamins and magnesium from dark green leafy vegetables every day
  5. Help your liver detoxify by eating apples, grapefruit, dark green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables every day.  I recommend everyone do an annual or semi-annual intensive liver detox to clear out toxins and pollutants and any excess hormones.
  6. See a naturopathic doctor for advice about diet, supplements and herbs that can balance hormones naturally.

Does This Seem Like a Good Idea?

I work predominantly with people who have a hormone problem – infertility, PMS, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, hypothyroidism, acne, anxiety, cervical dysplasia, adenomyosis, painful periods, heavy periods, irregular periods etc.  Many of these people have been through the medical route either unsuccessfully or with too many unwanted side effects.  Frequently these hormonally imbalanced people have been put on hormones.  At best this approach is only masking an underlying imbalance that will return when the hormones are taken away.  At worst, putting hormones into someone whose body is not managing hormones correctly can be downright dangerous.  More than one patient of mine who has been put on hormone treatment has developed blood clots, these women are fortunate to be alive to tell their story.  My way of thinking is if someone’s hormones are imbalanced, does it really seem like a good idea to throw some more hormones into them?  Wouldn’t it be a better idea to assist their body by:

  1. Producing any hormones that appear to be inadequate by supporting the thyroid, the adrenal glands, the ovaries, the pituitary etc?
  2. Facilitating removal of any hormones that may be in excess through the liver?
  3. Facilitating removal of chemicals, pollutants, pesticides and herbicides that can act like hormones in your body?