Month: December 2015


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Best New Year’s Resolution Ever!

I’ll stop at nothing in my quest to find ways for you to stay healthier.

So here’s what should be your New Year’s Resolution – Have More Sex.  It’s a natural mood elevator, sleep inducer, stress reliever, immune booster and pain reliever. Studies have shown intercourse helps reduce prostate cancer risk in men and helps prevent breast cancer and endometriosis in women.

So have more (safe) sex!

Can Money Buy Happiness?

money buy happiness

Proof that Money Can Buy Happiness!

Research suggests that money can make us happy if we spend it on the
right things. It seems that buying life experiences, such as dinner out or theatre tickets, rather than material possessions like the latest designer handbag, leads to greater happiness for both the buyer and those around them.

Why? Because purchasing experiences, as opposed to things, boosts feelings of well-being and vitality as well as social connectedness. The results also showed that purchasing experiences produced happier people regardless of the amount spent or the income of the purchaser.

Experiences also lead to longer-term satisfaction. “Purchased experiences provide memory capital,” noted Ryan Howell, an assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University. “We don’t tend to get bored
of happy memories like we do with a material object.”

So replace the happy memories of your favourite handbag with happy memories of experiences with your loved ones.

As an interesting aside, one of my colleagues at Thorpe Benefits Health & Wellness, Louisa Jewell, says that studies show that having a short commute makes us happier longer than purchasing material possessions like a new TV.

By Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), ND

Wrinkles: Nature or Nurture?

dog with wrinkles

Are Wrinkles “Just Genetic”?

A study involving identical twins suggests that wrinkles aren’t entirely dictated by genetic make-up; certain environmental factors can add years to a person’s perceived age.

Factors that can affect your face:

– divorce
– use of antidepressants
– major weight gain/loss
– stress

Our solutions, reduce your stress levels, support your adrenals so that you deal with stress more easily, avoid dramatic fluctuations in weight, eat a healthy diet, address depression naturally and maintain healthy relationships.  It’s a tall order, but our naturopathic doctors can help support all of these.

Source: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Health Benefits of Ginger

ginger tea

Ginger and Me

Every year about this time, I think I should get ambitious and make a gingerbread house from scratch – it still hasn’t happened.  I thought a little information about the health benefits of ginger might motivate you and me to include more in our diets through other means like stir-fries and curry.
Here’s the scoop, ginger helps:

  • Soothe ulcers
  • Morning sickness and motion sickness
  • Lower cholesterol and platelet clumping
  • Reduce inflammation

Time to go make a nice cup of ginger tea. Go overboard with ginger!