4 Quick Tips for Happiness

 happy woman smiling

Quick & Easy Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

Who needs drugs when these simple tips can give you a natural lift?


Grin. Smirk. Beam. Putting a smile on your face, even an insincere one, can instantly improve your mood.

Clear the Clutter

On a subtle level, clutter stresses your mind. Our minds prefer order. Make your bed, even if no one is going to see it.


Music has been shown to reduce stress and have a positive effect on health.

Smell Something Nice

Of all the senses, smell is most strongly associated with memory. If you had a happy childhood at the beach, smelling salt air can uplift you.

If simple tips like these don’t help alleviate your mood, contact our naturopathic doctors for more intensive help with your mood.  Call us at 416-481-0222 or book online now.