Phonies and Pretenders

fake doctor singing to his stethoscope

A Wee Bit Skeptical

I was approached a while back to endorse a seminar on Sclerology. What is that you ask? Well apparently it’s a sister diagnostic trick to Iridology. I’m not the biggest fan of Iridology after a brief exposure to it. That speaker claimed that everyone who is in perfect health has blue eyes, the rest of us are “toxic”. I find it hard to believe that everyone who genetically has dark hair, dark skin and brown eyes is just toxic and a good cleansing will render their eyes blue.

I didn’t know much about Sclerology so I thought I would investigate. Turns out the mentor of the seminar provider is someone who calls himself Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, naturopathic doctor. I Googled Leonard and came up with the fact that he doesn’t have a 3 year university degree, nor did he attend a 4 year naturopathic doctor program at an accredited naturopathic college – both of which are requirements to call oneself a naturopathic doctor.

He has a 2 year Associate in Arts degree from a community college and a naturopathic medicine diploma from an unaccredited diploma mill school. So Dr. Leonard really has no credentials other than his own self-promotion and has no legitimate right to call himself Dr. Anything or to claim he’s a naturopathic doctor. My point to all this is that there are some very convincing people around are nothing more than self-promoting quacks. Sometimes you have to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.

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