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man on toilet having a bowel movement

How often should I poop? Should poop float?

Because I’m a naturopathic doctor, I often get asked questions about bowel movements like “what’s the normal  frequency of bowel movements?” “should it float or sink?”
What’s considered the ultimate in good bowel health, is to have a bowel movement 3 times per day, i.e. each time you have a meal.  This is because every time you eat, the whole intestinal tract starts contracting so the previous meals should get moved along and out.  Most people are content with one BM per day, really healthy people have two, but don’t settle for mediocrity – aim high – “go” for three a day!

Floating or sinking depends on two factors: the density of the bowel movement and the fat content.  In most instances, it is air in the stool that makes for a lighter, less dense stool that causes it to float.  Foul smelling, greasy stool can be from poor absorption of fats, in which case a digestive enzyme and reducing inflammation in the gut can help.

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