Weird and Wacky

Ear candling detox foot pad and ionic foot bath

Should You Do Ear Candling or Ionic Foot Baths? Nope!

There are many wonderful, valid therapies that our naturopaths offer at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic (Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Exercise, TCM). There are also a number of things that we don’t do because they are just plain “weird and wacky” and totally unproven.   They include:

  • Ear candling:  The gunk that they are supposedly extracting from your ear is really just the melted ear candle wax.
  • Foot detox pads:  The black stuff on the pads in the morning is just the herbs that were in the pad mixed with moisture or sweat from your foot.
  • Ionic foot detox baths:  The crud in the water afterward is not toxins sucked out through your feet, but rather just the results of passing an electrical current between two different electrodes in a conductive solution of salt water.