Carbon Monoxide and Meat


But It Looked Fresh at the Store

Have you ever wondered why you buy meat in the grocery story and when you get it home and turn it over the underside looks kind of brownish while the top looked bright red and fresh?

Apparently, the reason is that those tricky grocery store people have found a new technology that involves increased levels of carbon monoxide inside the meat packages. According to Wenonah Hauter, director of Food and Water Watch. “At worst (it’s) dangerous, at best it’s a consumer rip-off” [because you can’t tell if the meat is fresh or not].

Some consumer groups have petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to withdraw its approval of sealed packaging that uses a higher portion of carbon monoxide — 0.4 percent — than exists in air.

Carbon monoxide is a significantly toxic gas with poisoning being the most common type of fatal poisoning. Symptoms of mild poisoning include headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and flu-like symptoms.

Just one more reason to choose organic.