Cake and Ice Cream for Breakfast

muffin and yogourt yogurt

Cake and Ice Cream for Breakfast

by Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc, ND

I love my job! But one of the downsides is that you have to be the bearer of bad news or at least provide regular reality checks. When I was at the park this morning I saw a little girl being given a muffin and yogourt as a snack. Here comes the reality part – muffins and yogourt are glorified cake and ice cream! The marketing wizards at your favourite processed food company have done a wonderful job of spinning these into acceptable foods to eat every day for breakfast or a snack, they are not healthy.
Muffins contain high amounts of sugar, processed flour and fat mostly as either trans fat or hydrogenated oils. Most commercial yogourt has lost any of it’s health benefits and is loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, and thickeners.
If you are having yogourt, have a good quality (i.e. no thickeners), plain, organic yogourt and add some fresh organic berries. As for muffins, there isn’t really such thing as a healthy muffin – have a berry-nut muffin minus the cake holding the berries and nuts together (see what I did there?  Have the berries and nuts).