Something Smelly Too or 2!

by Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc, ND

Here’s a post that is especially appropriate in this hot weather. What to do about deodorants? I really don’t like the idea of putting much of a chemical nature on the skin.

About 25% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream and either adds to your toxic load or the liver has to detoxify it and remove it from your system. I think absorption is particularly a concern under the arms where the skin is so porous and in such proximity to breast tissue.

Perspiration serves the dual function of cooling your body down and also flushing toxins out through the skin, so anti-perspirants are also not a good idea.

So, what to do to be socially acceptable in the heat? What makes the smell is usually either bacteria on the skin that loves the warm, moist environment under the arm or stress hormones. So stress reduction is important and something that deters bacterial growth and reduces the moisture under the arm. Crystal deodorants are fairly effective at reducing bacteria and are just basically a salt. Cotton clothing lets the moisture evaporate more easily versus synthetics like spandex and polyester. Or just plain old washing under your arms a few times a day works too.

Yours in health,