Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

We know sugar is bad for us, but what about that darned sweet tooth?

There are a couple of options to satisfy it without all the hazards of sugar (more on the dangers of sugar in this month’s newsletter). Stevia is my favourite, it has no appreciable impact on blood sugar, is extremely sweet and so you only consume very small amounts, it can be used in baking and it’s all natural! Some of my clients aren’t crazy about the taste.

My first suggestion is use less, often the aftertaste is from using too much. Still not fond of stevia? There is another option – xylitol. It’s also a natural substance, tastes sweet, no aftertaste, can be used in cooking, doesn’t wreck your blood sugar and seems to help prevent and/or reverse tooth decay. If over consumed it can cause cramping and diarrhea, but if you’re really looking for a sweet fix, a few pieces of gum per day shouldn’t hurt.  Erythritol is another wood alcohol that may also fit the bill.  I would not recommend agave (it’s very high in fructose) or coconut sugar.

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