Naturopathic Detox Day 21

Naturopathic Detox Day 21-Last Day!!

Although today is the last day of my set detox protocol, detoxification is always happening in the body. The body is always sorting through what it needs and what it wants to discard.  In fact, every time you breathe out, you release carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is poisonous to the body.  There is a threshold that once passed, sends a signal to the body to breathe to rebalance the oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio.  The urge to breathe is actually more influenced by the need to get rid of carbon dioxide than to receive more oxygen.

Deep breathing is a great way to support these natural processes as well as put your body into the ‘Rest and Digest’ mode of the Central Nervous System.  This allows your body to implement its digestive and detoxification pathways and to eliminate waste appropriately.  Deep breathing helps to mediate the response to stress.  It allows us to control our emotional reactions and gives us the time and space to choose our response.  When the body is under stress, whether good or bad, it shuts down everything that is not essential to its immediate survival.  Namely, under stress, the body suspends digestive and immune functions until after the threat has passed.  Many people experience this as an inability or a sudden urge to use the washroom when nervous or getting sick after a particularly stressful project, event or test.

Deep breathing allows us to use our lungs to their full capacity and therefore, oxygenate as much blood as possible.  Even though deep breathing is easy to do, it has become unfamiliar to many in our population.  Many people are very shallow breathers and when they try to take a deep breath, they breathe into their chests and expand their chests on inhalation, sucking in their belly.  This is the exact opposite way to proper breathing.  The chest should have minimal movement. The breath should expand the lungs so much that it impacts the abdomen and the abdomen expands out on inhalation. If you have ever seen a baby breathe, you have witnessed natural breathing firsthand.  It is a more efficient and generally more sustainable way to breathe and get oxygen to our body.  Try it for yourself.  Take a few deep breaths and try to be aware of where your breath is going.  You can use a mirror to assess your chest and stomach movement.  Notice how you feel before and after proper deep breathing.  Talk to you Naturopath to see how Deep Breathing can best serve your needs.


 Detox Diet Day 21 –Last day!

 Early morning snack:

Apple, almonds

Rice cakes with hazelnut butter and banana

1 C of Peppermint Tea

Late Breakfast:

Poached eggs on Queen St. White Bean and Millet Seed gluten-free bread, double toasted, with spinach, grape tomatoes, mashed avocado and artichoke

Side of berries

1 C of Jade Snow Green Tea


1 bowl of Sunflower Kitchen Yellow Split Pea and Squash Soup with yellow split peas, carrots, butternut squash, onion, celery, garlic, sea salt, sunflower oil, spices and herbs


Butternut squash baked with olive oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and marjoram

Brown rice steamed in organic preservative-free broth and grated beets and carrots

Baked tofu


Apple and Cherry sauce

Supportive Behaviours:

Evening Sauna:  45 minutes in the Far-Infrared Sauna

Water:  at least 3 liters

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