Naturopathic Detox Days 19-20


Naturopathic Detox Days 19-20

The most common substance in our body is water.  Water is an excellent solvent and energetic force.  It’s movement through our body in the blood, lymph, tissues and even within and between our cells, helps to facilitate the distribution and collection of biochemical compounds.  Water is essential for survival in many ways including detoxification.

To eliminate waste and stored toxins, the body breathes, sweats, defecates and urinates.  Urine is the product of a remarkably efficient filtration process by the renal and urinary systems that eliminates wastes and reabsorbs many essential minerals and trace elements.   Urine has been used throughout medical history to help assess the state of one’s health.  Today, many metabolites, metals, hormones and nutrients can be measured in your urine to gain inside information.

The amount of liquid we consume should approximate the amount of liquid we excrete.  Our urine should be a bright…

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