Naturopathic Detox Days 15-16

Naturopathic Detox Days 15-16

Water is essential to our life and our wellbeing. Hydrotherapy is the use of water for healing and it pools at the root of Naturopathic Medicine. Although the term itself is only a few hundred years old, hydrotherapy is an intuitive part of human life. Water makes up most of our bodies and is essential for life. It helps deliver nutrients and hydration to the body and helps to eliminate waste.

Detoxification is all about getting rid of toxic wastes that are stored in our bodies. We only have 4 routes of elimination from the body: urination, defecation, respiration and perspiration. Today we focus on perspiration. Sweating is a mechanism that uses water to cool the body down and to help eliminate toxins through the skin. Exercise is an excellent way to increase sweating and metabolism. Another way is through the use of saunas.

I’ve been using a Far Infrared Sauna followed by a cool shower in my detox protocol. Far Infrared saunas create light waves on the far end of the light spectrum. These light waves are different from the ones we can see with our eyes and they can penetrate through the skin to the deeper tissues of the body. It is in these deeper tissues that they have an effect. Heat increases the speed at which our bodies work. As we heat up, our metabolism increases and thus detoxification increases.   When we get hot enough, we sweat. Sweat cools the body by removing heat from the body with the water as it evaporates off the skin.   Sweat carries waste products that are eliminated with our sweat.

Saunas, both traditional and infrared, are an excellent and relaxing way to support detox. Traditional saunas heat the room and thus induce sweating by the high temperature alone. These heat waves do not penetrate into the deeper tissues of the body.  Infrared saunas work differently. They heat the body directly. The surroundings are not as affected and the desired effects are produced at overall lower temperatures than traditional saunas.  Infrared saunas don’t require sweating to stimulate detox, although sweating helps to eliminate toxins and is easily achieved, even at the lower temperatures.  In either case, make sure you drink enough water during your sweat.  It’s important to flush out toxins and replace the water lost through sweating.

Detox Diet Day 15


2 slices of Silver Springs gluten-free flax bread, double toasted, open-faced, covered with almond-hazelnut butter, sugar-free raspberry jam

1 cup of Jade Snow Green Tea


Vegetarian sushi with Bragg’s soy sauce

1 Cup of Tazo Zen tea


Steamed stir-fry with sliced ginger, black pepper, parsnips, zucchini, cauliflower, celery, orange bell pepper, kale and beet greens

Tofu with sesame oil, Bragg’s s soy sauce, mushrooms, garlic and almond-hazelnut butter

Supportive Behaviours:

Evening Sauna:  35 minutes in the Far-Infrared Sauna

Water:  at least 3 liters

Naturopathic Detox Day 16


1 bowl of Bob Red Mill’s Tasty Hot Cereal with cinnamon, apple slices, raspberries, stevia with flax seed milk and topped with ground flax seeds

1 cup of Jade Snow Tea


Brown rice cakes with almond-hazelnut butter


Leftover stir-fry from night before with added zucchini, orange bell pepper, sesame seeds and avocado

Supportive Behaviours:

Exercise: 25 minutes of weight bearing floor exercises for the core (abdominals, leg & gluteal muscles) + 10 minutes stretching

Sauna: 30 minutes in Far Infrared Sauna

Water: 3 liters

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