Naturopathic Detox Day 3

Naturopathic Detox Day 3

By Shawna Clark

It’s day 3 today and all is going well.  I took my supplements with dinner last night, had plenty of water before bed and had no issues with headaches today.  I didn’t have time to make my lunch today, so I opted for some vegetarian brown rice sushi and used Bragg’s gluten-free, non-fermented soy sauce instead of the provided package.  The ingredients for the sushi are well within my diet plans. Vegetarian sushi made with brown rice is a great option when eating out, provided the cooking surfaces are cleaned properly between dishes.  If there has been meat, fish, dairy, nuts, gluten from breading or other undesirable ingredients on the counters or cooking surfaces, they can contaminate yours.  Seaweed is full of wholesome nutrients, brown rice is considered hypo-allergenic and a healthy serving of vegetables.  Bragg’s is available at most health food stores and even some grocery stores.  It has a distinct, but pleasant flavour and is a good alternative to traditional soy sauce that can contain gluten, sugar and preservatives.

Other options that may suit special diets are many vegetarian based restaurants like Fresh or Kale.  They tend to be more health conscious and often list all the ingredients in their menus.  Watch for fried foods and fake meats.  They may be delicious but carry consequences like hydrogenated oils, trans-fats and preservatives.  Curries and Indian foods are an alternative, but watch for dairy and fried foods.  Other Asian foods also provide choices, but can also come with a lot of preservatives.  If you’re concerned about specific meats, fish, seafood, oyster or fish sauces or anything of the sort, be prepared to ask for each ingredient individually and be certain to directly specify your needs.  Many people don’t consider fish or seafood meat products, so if you’re trying to avoid them, you must make it clear.  There have also been a lot of burrito places popping up.  Chipolte claims to use whole, fresh ingredients, you can specify your condiments and get your rice and beans and veggies alone, in a salad or a taco to avoid gluten.  Traditional Canadian restaurants and Italian restaurants usually have a variety of salads on their menus.  Try combining a few side dishes to feel satisfied and avoid the pastas and breads.

 Today’s diet:


Bob’s Red Mill Tasty Hot cereal with cinnamon, berries, ground flax seeds, flax seed milk and a touch of stevia

One cup of jade snow green tea


Pre-made brown rice vegetarian sushi with Bragg’s soy sauce

One cup of mixed green tea


Taco Night!! Corn tacos (no preservatives) filled with non-dairy, non-soy fake cheese (no preservatives) spiced black beans, sautéed onions, mushrooms, red pepper plus raw avocado, tomatoes and green onion.

Supportive Behaviours:

Evening Sauna:  20-35 minutes in the Far-Infrared Sauna

Water:  at least 3 liters

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