Coupon Deals – You Get What You Pay For

Yes it’s tempting, you see those coupon deals being offered everywhere now. Hey, who wouldn’t want to get an hour massage at 50% off?  But you may not be getting a Registered Massage Therapist, and unfortunately, in a lot of cases, you get what you pay for.  

Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario have what is considered some of the best training in the world. We go to school for two years, that’s 2200 hours of intensive schooling. We get this training because we are regulated by the government and are held to a very high standard. Upon graduation from a massage therapy school, in order to become “registered”, all RMTs must pass a provincial exam.  The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario requires that RMTs complete a certain amount of continuing education once they begin practicing and the College keeps tabs on RMTs by performing Peer Assessments to make sure we are upholding the standards of the College.

The benefits of massage are many, and being treated by a Registered Massage Therapist is the best way to ensure that you will be getting a safe AND effective treatment. That’s worth paying for!

In some cases there are RMTs that offer these coupon deals. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario states specifically that RMTs are not allowed to discount our services.  Coupon deals and discounting undervalues RMTs’ expert knowledge and our role as health care professionals.  Do you really want someone who has lowered their professional ethics providing you with massage therapy?

Massage therapy is more effective if it’s done regularly. Coupon deals tend to be a one time thing. Having an RMT that you know, trust and see consistently is of great benefit to you and your health. Your RMT gets to know you, your challenges, and your concerns. You get to know us, and have a safe, comfortable space in which to ask questions and get a better understanding of your health. In turn, we are better able to understand your conditions and treat you more effectively when we are able to get to know you.