Month: October 2012

Coupon Deals – You Get What You Pay For

Yes it’s tempting, you see those coupon deals being offered everywhere now. Hey, who wouldn’t want to get an hour massage at 50% off?  But you may not be getting a Registered Massage Therapist, and unfortunately, in a lot of cases, you get what you pay for.  

Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario have what is considered some of the best training in the world. We go to school for two years, that’s 2200 hours of intensive schooling. We get this training because we are regulated by the government and are held to a very high standard. Upon graduation from a massage therapy school, in order to become “registered”, all RMTs must pass a provincial exam.  The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario requires that RMTs complete a certain amount of continuing education once they begin practicing and the College keeps tabs on RMTs by performing Peer Assessments to make sure we are upholding the standards of the College.

The benefits of massage are many, and being treated by a Registered Massage Therapist is the best way to ensure that you will be getting a safe AND effective treatment. That’s worth paying for!

In some cases there are RMTs that offer these coupon deals. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario states specifically that RMTs are not allowed to discount our services.  Coupon deals and discounting undervalues RMTs’ expert knowledge and our role as health care professionals.  Do you really want someone who has lowered their professional ethics providing you with massage therapy?

Massage therapy is more effective if it’s done regularly. Coupon deals tend to be a one time thing. Having an RMT that you know, trust and see consistently is of great benefit to you and your health. Your RMT gets to know you, your challenges, and your concerns. You get to know us, and have a safe, comfortable space in which to ask questions and get a better understanding of your health. In turn, we are better able to understand your conditions and treat you more effectively when we are able to get to know you.

Multivitamins – Confused?

If you watch the news (I don’t) or read the headlines (I try not to) you may have gotten the impression that multivitamins are bad for you this past week. I won’t lend any credibility to this study whatsoever by going into great detail about what they pretended to find, other than there is a mountain of research showing that taking a multivitamin every day helps prevent a host of diseases.  The short version is that the study was manipulated it seems with malicious intent and extremely poorly done and should have been ridiculed by mainstream media rather than propagated.  If you would like a more detailed version of what was wrong with the study here’s some interesting reading:

New Research

  1. Higher dietary intake of vitamin B6 was associated with reduced risk of breast cancers. (Journal of Epidemiology, September 2011)
  2. Use of oral contraceptives may negatively affect vitamin B6 statusbut their impact on folate and vitamin B12 is not significant. (Nutrition Reviews, October 2011)
  3. Type 2 diabetics given either 300 mg of alpha lipoic acid daily for two months had significantly lower fasting blood glucose levels and insulin resistance.  Antioxidant status was improved in the supplemented group as well. (Saudi Medical Journal, June 2011)

11 Tips for Staying Out of the Doctor’s Office

  1. Increase your vitamin C intake from berries, peppers, and citrus fruit, eat 1/2 cup of these per day
  2. Take an additional 500 mg of vitamin C twice per day with food
  3. Get outside – to lower cortisol (stress hormone) and produce vitamin D
  4. Take an additional 1000 – 2000 IU of vitamin D per day
  5. Lower your sugar intake, cut out sugary drinks
  6. Get at least 8 hours of good quality sleep per night
  7. Exercise daily – a brisk walk will do
  8. Eat an apple a day – it truly does help by helping the liver detoxify
  9. Take an Epsom salts bath – it helps detoxify, restore tissue magnesium levels and lower cortisol levels
  10. Socialize!  Enjoy time with family and friends
  11. Reduce your stress level through yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises, meditation, walking, delegating, learn to say “no”, take “me time”, exercise, laugh and be silly.

Avoid the Walk-in Clinic

A study done in 1977 of visits to a walk-in clinic found that most were related to: Sore throat, skin rash, abdominal pain, backache, earache, neck or arm pain or trauma, cold, urine burning, cough, general malaise, nausea, vomiting, eye problem, chest pain, skin lump, sinus congestion, hand problem, headache, weak, nervous, tired, foot pain, hemorrhoids, breast lump and hypertension.  Of these a naturopathic doctor could readily help with the sore throat, skin rash, backache, earache, cold/cough, burning urine, malaise, nausea, vomiting, sinus congestion, headache, weak, nervous, tired and hemorrhoids.   Chest pain, abdominal pain and hypertension should perhaps be seen by an MD first to rule out potentially life threatening conditions like a heart attack or appendicitis. 


The advantages to seeing an ND for these would be:

  1. Natural treatment that addresses the root cause of the problem
  2. Saving time– we generally see people within 15 minutes of their appointment time
  3. More time spent with you (less in the waiting room) trying to understand all the underlying factors that may contribute to the problem
  4. Preventative care to prevent recurrence of the problem.

We are NOT a walk-in clinic however, so you do need to schedule an appointment to come in and see us.  You can do so by calling 416.481.0222 or emailing Maria at