New Research

  • Dried plums (i.e. positive spin on prunes) are highly effective in modulating bone mass in an ovarian hormone-deficient rat model of osteoporosis.  A subsequent study published in September’s British Journal of Nutrition on post-menopausal women who were randomly assigned to eat either 100 grams of dried plums (about 12) or 75 grams of dried apples every day.  The prunes but not the apples, significantly increased serum levels of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (BSAP) activity.  High levels of both of these chemicals are associated with faster bone formation. Br J Nutr 2011; 106(6): 923-930
  • Valerian improved the subjective quality of sleep in menopausal women.Menopause 2011; 18(9): 951-955
  • A preliminary trial found that resveratrol improved insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetics Br J Nutr 2011; 106(3): 383-389