Month: July 2012

9 Tips to Cheat Father Time

1.  Anti-inflammatory diet – 10 servings of vegetables and fruit per day, especially lots of vividly coloured foods.  Avoid processed grains and sugar.  Increase omega 3 fatty acids from fish and raw nuts and seeds.  Decrease caloric intake.
2.  Water – consume at least 8 glasses per day, add some fresh lemon or lime juice to each glass.
3.  Smoking – quit!
4.  Exercise – be physically active for at least 6 hours per week including a combination of endurance, strength, flexibility and agility training.
5.  Body Weight and Composition – Maintain a healthy BMI and body fat less than 18% for men and 22% for women.
6.  Social Connection – spending time with family, friend and other social supports reduces stress, increases our feelings of connectedness and happiness.
7.  Relaxation techniques – practice one or more of these daily: tai chi, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, massage therapy
8.  Alcohol – a small glass of high resveratrol red wine such as merlot, cabernet or pinot noir once per day or less may increase lifespan, too much will have negative health effects
9.  Vitamins and minerals – Animal models have shown that CoQ10, R-lipoic acid, acetyl l-carnitine, phosphatidyl serine, N-acetyl cysteine, EGCG, trans-resveratrol, grape seed extract, polyphenols, vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, zinc, lycopene, lutein, vitamin K2 MK-7, gamma and delta tocopherols and tocotrienols and omega 3 fatty acids increase lifespan and cognitive function in rats.  At this point there has been some negative research on vitamin E so we no longer recommend it on it’s own as d- or dl-tocopherol.  Most men should avoid iron supplements.

Natural Medicine Research – Liver Detox

  1. Water extracts of thyme and ginger have detoxifying and antioxidant effects, it is recommended to use them to avoid alcohol toxicity. Food Chem Toxicol. 2009 Aug;47(8):1945-9
  2. Isoflavones are thought to be biologically active components in soy that play a role in the prevention of chronic diseases including cancer.  One study concluded that the induction of a liver enzyme known as NOQ1 may be one mechanism by which dietary genistein improves the capacity of the liver to detoxify carcinogens.Cancer Genomics Proteomics. 2009 Mar-Apr;6(2):85-92.
  3. A study on long term use of milk thistle in rats found a decrease in spontaneous background tumors including mammary gland tumors in female rats and liver tumors in male mice.Toxicol Pathol February 2011 vol. 39 no. 2 398-409
  4. Induction of phase 2 liver detoxication enzymes is a powerful strategy for achieving protection against cancer and free radicals. A number of edible plants contain substantial quantities of compounds that regulate mammalian enzymes of xenobiotic metabolism. Edible plants belonging to the family Cruciferae and genus Brassica (e.g., broccoli and cauliflower) contain substantial quantities of isothiocyanates (mostly in the form of their glucosinolate precursors) some of which (e.g., sulforaphane or 4-methylsulfinylbutyl isothiocyanate) are very potent inducers of phase 2 enzymes.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Sep 16;94(19):10367-72.

Tips to Lower Your Toxic Load

  1. Avoid toxin intake. Try to eat mainly organic fruit and vegetables, avoid storing or heating food in plastic containers and drink filtered water.  Avoid household chemical use, limit chemicals that you put on your hair or your skin, 25% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream. 
  2. Drink the juice of 1/2 a lemon in a glass of water every day.  This can help stimulate the gallbladder to secrete bile, a liquid that the liver makes to flush itself.
  3. Drink lots of pure water every day.  Some toxins get excreted through the bowels, others are excreted through the kidneys. 
  4. Sweat every day!  Perspiration is another means of purging toxins.  You don’t need to invest in a sauna or hot yoga, just be physically active enough to sweat.
  5. Eat lots of fiber. You shouldn’t need fiber supplements or harsh forms of fiber like bran.  Eating 8-10 servings of fruit and vegetables every day should supply sufficient fiber to keep bowels regular, help clear toxins and supply lots of vitamins and minerals you won’t get from bran.
  6. Detoxify your liver. At least once or twice per year do a formal liver detox. I don’t recommend the kits from the health food store because the majority only contain laxative herbs (which I NEVER recommend) and fiber supplements.  This does nothing to supply the key nutrients that the liver needs to break down toxins, these would be things like glucarate, indole, and methyl-tetrahydrofolate. 
  7. Eat one or more of the following foods daily: broccoli, cauliflower, apples and/or grapefruit.  They contain powerful detoxifiers.

Toxins and Weight Loss

Eating a clean diet has become even more important in the face of evidence that shows that environmental toxins can influence hormone balance and weight gain.  We now know that losing weight isn’t as simple as calories in being less than calories out.  


For those with stubborn weight that just won’t budge despite a healthy, whole foods diet, detoxifying your system may help get those last few pounds to budge.