Tips to Balance Your Hormones

  1. Keep your insulin level low.  Insulin is the biggest hormone disruptor there is, cut way back on the sugar and carbs.
  2. Reduce your stress.  Stress provokes insulin release just like doughnuts do, keep it low.
  3. Exercise every day.  Exercise helps all around because it reduces insulin, reduces stress and keeps blood sugar healthier.
  4. Get lots of B vitamins and magnesiumfrom dark green leafy vegetables every day
  5. Help your liver detoxify by eating apples, grapefruit, dark green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables every day.  I recommend everyone do an annual or semi-annual intensive liver detox to clear out toxins and pollutants and any excess hormones. 

3 thoughts on “Tips to Balance Your Hormones

    1. Hi Lisa,

      What is not considered an intensive liver detox is any of the kit type things from the health food store, most of them would only accomplish mild detoxification if anything. A naturopathic doctor can advise as to what would be a more intensive liver detox. Generally speaking it’s nutrients that support Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification, unfortunately, it’s not necessarily safe or appropriate for everyone and needs to be supervised by an ND, so I can’t give specifics here.

      Kind regards,

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