Month: February 2012

Love is Healthy!

As the day of love approaches, I thought a quick blurb on the health benefits of love might be fitting.

Studies have shown that a loving relationship leads to:

  1. Better Brain Health – married couples show lower cognitive decline with age.
  2. A Stronger Immune System – married people consult doctors less frequently, have shorter hospital stays, are less likely to be admitted to a nursing home, and have higher resistance to colds and flu.
  3. Greater Longevity – spouses look out for each other’s health.
  4. Healthier Kids – having a loving role model makes for kids who achieve a higher education and are at less risk of smoking and substance abuse.

Seven Healthy Heart Tips

  1. CoEnzyme Q10 – also known as ubiquinone, CoQ10 has been shown to help strengthen the heart muscle, help with infertility, breast cancer and diabetes.  It’s found in foods such as fish, organ meats, including liver, kidney and heart; and the germs of whole grains.
  2. Resveratrol – prevents aging-related decline in cardiovascular function including cholesterol level and inflammatory response.  It’s found in grapes, wine, grape juice, peanuts, and
    berries of Vaccinum species, including blueberries, bilberries, and cranberries
  3. Fish oils – Omega 3 fatty acids from eating fish or taking fish oil has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces blood pressure, and may also be anti-atherogenic.
  4. Get a dog!  Both adults and children who owned dogs reported greater levels of heart healthy physical activity and lower levels of stress than those without dogs.
  5. Reduce your stress.  Take up Yoga, Tai Chi, breathing exercises, meditation, a walking program, daily exercise, anything that helps you lower your stress hormones.
  6. Exercise every day.  Exercise flushes out the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart muscle and helps all around because it reduces insulin, reduces stress and keeps blood sugar healthier.
  7. Get a puppy!  Studies have shown that stress hormone levels are lower when you are with your dog than with your spouse and dog owners are more physically active than non-dog owners.