Month: March 2011

The Danger of Low Salt Diet

A study in Oct 2010 found that a low-salt diet increases insulin resistance in healthy subjects. Insulin resistance is a situation where the body doesn’t respond well to insulin and can lead to type II diabetes.

Source: Metabolism

Diabetes Treatment: Fail!

According to the World Health Organization, a large percentage of Americans treated for diabetes do not have the triad of goals attained–fasting blood sugar less than 6.5, blood pressure control, lowered cholesterol levels.

Heartburn Medications Cause Serious Side Effects

Medications for heartburn (GERD), also called proton pump inhibitors, have been associated with serious side effects such as low calcium and increase fractures, low iron absorption, more gastroenteritis, more pneumonia, slower gallbladder functioning, low magnesium, and overgrowth of unhealthy organisms in the digestive tract.