Day: January 31, 2011

Zinc Deficiency Can Lead to Depression and Anxiety

Data from a comprehensive review indicates that zinc deficiency can induce depressive and anxiety-like behavior and that zinc supplementation improves the efficacy of some anti-depressant drugs and may be useful in the treatment of resistant depression.

Source: Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, November 2010


Electroacupuncture Relieves Menstrual Pain

In a prospective, randomized, controlled trial involving 52 women with primary dysmenorrhea (painful periods), women who received electro-acupuncture at acupoint SP-6 – a point traditionally used to balance menstrual cycle abnormalities in Chinese medicine – for a period of 10 minutes, was found to significantly reduce menstrual pain and verbal rating scale scores, as compared to results found in women treated with electro-acupuncture at a different, non-relevant, acupuncture point (GB39), as compared to needling of an adjacent, non-meridian point, and as compared to a waiting list group. The authors conclude, “Electro-acupuncture at SP6 can immediately relieve menstrual pain and minimize the influence of pain on daily life…. The data preliminarily show the specificity of SP6 for the immediate pain relief of primary dysmenorrhea.”

Source: “A Comparative Study on the Immediate Effects of Electroacupuncture at Sanyinjiao (SP6), Xuanzhong (GB39) and a Non-Meridian Point, on Menstrual Pain and Uterine Arterial Blood Flow, in Primary Dysmenorrhea Patients,” Ma YX, Ma LX, et al, Pain Med, 2010 Oct; 11(10): 1564-75.