Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Challenge Contest

We are running a contest!  For 6 weeks from October 18, 2010 to November 29, 2010 inclusive we are challenging anyone – patients, friends, your family members (not ours, they aren’t allowed to enter), colleagues, total strangers, anyone to enter our Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Challenge Contest.  Why a contest you ask?  Because we know how great 95% of people feel going off both gluten and dairy, so we wanted a way to inspire everyone to try it for at least 3-4 weeks and maybe help motivate and inspire others to try it too…and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends and so on, and so on.  How the contest will work:  Starting Monday October 18th, the comment section on this blog post will be open for comments.  You will need to register to post a comment, but you do not have to use your real name, you can use a nickname for privacy/anonymity, but you must provide us with a valid email address which will be used for the SOLE purpose of notifying our winner.  Your privacy is important to us and we hate spam as much as you do, so this email address will not be visible to anyone but us and we will never use this email address for any reason other than to tell you that you’ve won (unless of course you ask us to contact you).    The contest will be judged by us on 3 criteria: 1. The quality of the content of the post, 2. Its relevance and 3. The quantity of posts you make during the contest period (note the dates above).   What to post:  your feelings about going gluten-free and dairy-free, tips for doing so, people you’ve inspired to join you in your quest, challenges amongst your co-workers, gluten-free, dairy-free events you’ve organized, favourite gluten-free/dairy-free recipes, challenges or temptations you’ve overcome, gluten-free/dairy-free food lists or substitutes, gluten-free/dairy-free menus, motivation/inspiration for your fellow G-F & D-F contestants and most importantly how you feel physically being off both dairy and gluten.  Because we believe in the good in people, the contest will be on an honor system, that is we hope no one will be posting fiction and you must simultaneously eliminate both dairy and gluten, not just one or the other. We will be moderating comments to ensure that none are offensive, there are no spam comments and that there are no links to other sites included in the posts.

Everyone’s a winner because whether you win the Grand Prize or not, here are the rewards we anticipate you will likely see by doing this: weight loss, better energy, feeling more clear-headed and focused, skin problems often improve, digestion improves – less bloating/gas/constipation/loose stools, fewer headaches, less nasal/sinus congestion and you’ll be inspiring others to feel great by going gluten-free and dairy-free too.  Grand Prize:  A $200 Forces of Nature gift card.  The gift card may be used for any of our services or supplements, so if you are not local to us, you may still use your prize to purchase vitamins from us or give it to someone you know who is local as a gift.

Contest void where prohibited by law and open to Canadian residents only.  The winner will be notified at the email address provided on registering on November 30, 2010 and the username of the winner will be published in the comments section of this post.  Have fun and play fair!


8 thoughts on “Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Challenge Contest

  1. Wow! I’m so happy to see this challenge. I’ve been off gluten for three years now (at Dr. Frank’s advice) and it has done absolute wonders for my health and energy levels. I’ve never gone completely off dairy but am willing to try it in hopes that I’ll see similar benefits. Knowing that the rest of you will be doing this too will be a huge motivator. For anyone new to gluten free cooking, or anyone who’d like some new recipes, here are a few of my favourite food blogs that have some excellent gluten and dairy free recipes:

  2. I have started week one off by making a big pot of gluten/dairy free curried-squash and red lentil soup ( I divided it up into lunch sized portions and store it in my fridge in glass containers so this should eliminate much of the thinking/work related to finding lunch this week! Since I do much of the cooking in my house, it looks like my entire family is joining me for this challenge- will be interesting to see how the mood/dynamic changes!

    The biggest challenge so far is finding an alternative to cream in my coffee. Maybe by the end of this I’ll feel so good I wont need coffee at all….? 🙂 That might be wishful thinking… But miracles do happen!

  3. How is everyone faring so far?

    Well into week one, I am beginning to feel better. This is a real surprise since, when I started the challenge, I actually thought I felt just fine. But, only a few days after going gluten and dairy free, my energy level is quite substantially higher. I’ve been really active and very busy this week and yet am feeling less tired, and much less burned out and drained than I usually do on Friday nights. It’s a real shock to think that I was feeling pretty low energy and wasn’t even really aware of it because I had gotten used to it, that my body had simply adapted to something that wasn’t really working for it. These insights are small victories, things that make those mornings without cream in my coffee seem really worthwhile. 🙂

  4. The end of week two, I’ve been struggling a bit with wanting milk on my oatmeal or in my hot cocoa- it is cold here and I realize how much I associate the comfort and warmth of hot milk with winter. But I’m finding that a bit of warmed almond milk usually does the trick. This morning I even steamed almond milk on my espresso machine and am finding it makes very good lattes! Otherwise, all is well. Still noticing more energy, more motivation to exercise and make good choices.

    Is anyone else out there? Is anyone else participating in this challenge? If so, please say so! I’m starting to feel on my own here.

  5. On my way to work this morning I was thinking about how totally unreasonable and impossible 6 weeks without dairy or gluten seemed when I began this challenge. Habits are comfortable, reassuring, and a big change can seem overwhelming. But with a bit of planning and determination, changes are absolutely doable and the results are simply amazing. I am feeling so energized, have a lot more mental clarity, and find it easier to sit and work (which can sometimes be very monotonous) without needing to multitask or having my mind race as much to all of the other things I need to do. It is getting dark earlier and earlier here and whereas most Novembers I rush home after work, desperate to get where it is warm and make my dinner, this November I stop at the gym or at yoga on my way home. It feels good, I have the energy to do it, and find that I sleep better which leads to a lot less grouchiness and stress the next day, which leads to more flexibility and willingness to eat right and generally make good decisions. It’s a cycle, and this time, a very positive one.

    In terms of new food discoveries, I made Dr. Frank’s Chili with Walnuts the other day, and also found a lentil soup with a bit of coconut milk in it. Coconut and almond milks are really new to me but I am enjoying them right now since they don’t have the same over processed taste as soymilk. I didn’t realize that dairy alternatives in the “milk” department could be so satisfying and could so easily replace milk in recipes. While I admit I am still looking forward to a slice or two of cheese when this is over, the benefits are such that I’m actually happy that there are still a few weeks left. I hope it will make me even healthier and therefore even more committed to keeping this up when the challenge is over.

    1. Hey Gennie,

      You are doing an awesome job! This is exactly the kind of response we expected people to experience and exactly the kind of feedback we get ALL THE TIME when people do undertake the gluten free/dairy free challenge. Thanks so much for posting, hope you’ve inspired others to try it.


  6. The challenge is almost over! It honestly seems like it flew by, and every day the benefits are more pronounced. I feel energized, clear headed, my clothes fit better, and knowing that I can live without gluten or dairy have inspired me to drastically cut out caffeine and sweeteners too. I’ve learned that the props and crutches I’ve relied on to get me through the day’s work– coffee here, a muffin there– are actually counter productive. They often make me feel crappier and trigger a whole cycle where my blood sugar spikes and then crashes.

    Having eliminated gluten, I’ve striven not to simply replace the glutinous items that I sometimes ate (bagel, bread, pasta) with gluten free versions of the same, but rather to totally change the way I was eating. For lunch I’ve been having indian style vegetarian and meat curries (all of which are naturally gluten and dairy free- using primarily recipes from this book- with a whole gluten free grain like quinoa. I find that I have enough energy to get to dinner without needing my 3:30 coffee break. I even make it to yoga or the gym sometimes without feeling shaky, whereas before I would have needed to eat a snack before to get through it.

    I don’t know enough about nutrition to understand why this is the case, but it simply is. I have to be honest here and say that I’m generally suspicious of anything that sounds new-age or promises to improve my livelihood. And so there was an element of me that went into this challenge feeling highly skeptical, assuming that while the benefits were perhaps available to others, I was sure that somehow I would be the exception, that dietary changes wouldn’t work on me or improve my life in any meaningful way. As though my lack of energy, extra pounds, irritability would somehow persist stubbornly in the face of any changes I made. It seems bizzare, looking back at it, but I definitely started out with the sense that my problems were too big to be improved by dietary changes. But knowing I needed some kind of change, and feeling up for a challenge, I decided to give going dairy and gluten free a try anyways. And it has actually done amazing things to my energy levels and quality of life. So I really truly hope that anyone reading this will try. It does take planning, and it is a bit inconvenient at first in social situations, but it does pay off in real ways, which I hope will be longlasting!

  7. Hi Gennie,

    Well it looks like you are the unanimous winner! Thank you so much for the excellent quality posts… you summed up exactly what we expected people to feel from this. Hopefully people will read your experience for a long time to come and be inspired to try it too. Email me to arrange delivery of the $200 gift card and thanks again for participating.

    Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc, ND

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